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Sunday, February 24, 2008

LnT placement paper-2

L & T Placement Papers

L&T infotech Placement Paper and Sample Paper

1) What is a smith chart used for

2) How is impedance matching done and why do we need it (basically can talk about ideal power supply needing a low internal resistance and high load to function properly. so one stage of transistor amplifier has to have low o/p resistance and high i/p resistance for next stage- do look up all basic electronics) ( also about sinking high currents without damage)

3) Name all flipflops u know and working esp. master slave.

4) C programming - program to find how many 1's are present in an integer variable using bitwise operators. something about dynamic allocation, static functions, macros

5) c++ virtual functions

6) what types of control r there


8) Though i did mention that i was most comfortable with digital systems, microprocessors, i was asked only one or 2 questions on this topic like what is program counter, stack operation, etc.

9) A lot about final year project.

10) All electives, and subjects mentioned in CV.

11) CV as in most companies, is inspected very carefully during interview. so be careful what u put there lest they ask u something u are not prepared for.

i am sorry i cant remember any other questions but i hope this gives u atleast a rough idea about what subjects to cover.

also ur written test marks are very important. the order in which they call the people also indicates where u stand so try and

compensate by doing well in interview if ur name is towards the end of the list. u would improve ur chances i believe.

hr interview was only for around 10 minutes, they call if u have cleared tech interview. they asked about what i had been doing for the past 6 months, my plans, how L&T would help me. why L&T etc. the proceedure in mumbai however was totally different I think. they had GD, and HR interview i hear was gruelling. ur GK(number of states in our country, number of lady CMs in India,etc.)

is tested thoroughly. The form that u are given to fill before the interview, is reqiured to be filled in your neatest handwriting I really think this is imp.) and do take a lot of trouble to write things that would put u in good light. lots of luck to all u chennai people trying for L&T Infotech. Though they have a 2 year bond, this company is really worth going for. Do hope this information helps you a bit.


Part 1:-> Psychometric test.

Easiest thing in the world. Eight figures with you having to predict the ninth. Just use some common sense and u r thru this test. A WORD OF CAUTION tho; plz. do not waste time on a question if u r not sure ,just come back later n then do it. (36questions- 40minutes.)

Part 2:-> Engineering syllabus based Technical Test

Some of the questions r a s follows:-

a) What is reverse engineering.

b) Octal of some binary number(comes to 165 in decimal after conversion).

c) A cobol prog with an integer array(I guess coz i did not have Cobol in my syllabus).

d) A problem on Depth first search(very simple).

e) Question on Grammar's frm Theory of computer science.

f) Something like Select the correct option when A Subset of(B Subset of(A Intersection B).if B is completely contained by A.

g) A question on memory(quite simple).

h) A couyple of questions on C(one on pointers).

We were given the topic "Do u think women make better managers?"A debatable topic , but we merely agreed with each other and no big problem with it.


Papers -2

1.APM-arithemetic progression matrices 36 questions -40 minutes basis -like OP,UNIX,cobol,....(only basic questions )-40 questions -30 minutes.,for all branches the pattern is samefor APM they gave a booklet author-j.v.raven(not sure )very easy even though those who didn't receive call letter after applying don't worry it will end in a walkin. computer questions ex:why goto statement must be avoided,function of engineering reversal, specification&design are related by (followed by venn diagram),some questions in pascal...two c program using while and for staements,


The first part is entirely from this particular book. Look for it at the second hand book sellers.

They give you 40 mins for 36 questions."Advanced Progressive Matrices - JC Raven" is the website about this book.

The second part is of 30 minutes and covers various (IMHO irrelevant) topics. Some more questions.

Remember all are multiple choice questions with either 4 or 5 options so you have at least a 20-25% chance of being right even if you are clueless. No negative marking.

1. what is an inode in unix?

2. small program in pascal to add a node to a linked list. (You have totell what the program does)

3. C strcmp program (You have to tell what the program does)

4. set of dos commands testing basic familiarity with dir, ren *.t?t, cd etc.

5. what is the order of binary search?

6. what is the order of strassens matrix multiplication?

7. you have to maintain the sorted order of integers and insert integers . which data structure would you use? (tree, list, queue, array?)

8. There are two lists of integers to be merged. Which method would you not use?

9. In an online database system when is data written to disk? (on pressing enter, when commit

or update is encountered, at end of data, all of the above) (was clueless! )

10. Small prolog function which prints 2345true. You need to tell output.

11. Convert this binary into octal. 010 100 101

12. Lisp program given. what does it do? (GCD, LCM, Multiplies mxn?)

13. What is paging?

14. what is segmentation?

15. 2/3 questions on equivalence class, associative and commutative properties.

16. question on poset.

17. one figure given, give regular expression for it (very basic)


Sample Paper 2

1. a( [ B ( [A^ C]]

where '(' and '^' are symbols related to SET and '^' is not exact

symbol , it is curved not conical(due to limitation of

key board ), represents"union"

a. has no sense

b.It is associative as well as commutative

2.2's complement of given Binary number

3. Octal Equivalent of a Binary number

4.Given --

Ac + AB + BC =

a. AC


b. BC+AC

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