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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

3i infotech placement paper


the paper consists of three parts:

1.English(50 ques,50 marks)
2.Quantitative aptitude(50 ques,50 marks)
3.Logical Reasoning(50 ques,50 marks)
total time:90 min.
The paper was totally on the pattern of Bank PO exam. There were no ques of shakuntala devi or george summers...


There was 3 sections-
English usage,
Logical Reasoning and
arithmetic n data interpretation

There were in total 150 q's, having 50 q's from each sections. All Q's were easy.

Time limit : 90 mins

Before going to venue, just read out the instructions given on the site, coz there was lot of confusions. I did keep with me the specimen answer sheet.

Section 1: English usage

In this there was a paragrap, nearly 400 words, about regularization of banking acts. On basis of this para there was q's . These are as follows-

--> 10 direct q's relataed to para

--> 3 Synoyms(Contemporay, Resilence etc.)

--> 3 Antonyms

--> 9 q's were based on fill in d blanks which was nothing bt, about Development and Education in Punjab and U.P.

on an average all d synonyms n antonyms were very easy and day to day conversational use. These synonyms and antonyms were given in bold in d para.

While solving this type of para plz keep in mind that one time reading with better comprehension is nt only helpful, bt u have to use regression. Remaining 25 q's were based on finding out grammatical error(u can see in any cat/ mat preparartion book). some were diifficult.

In this section i did only 23 q's.

Section 2 : Reasoning

--> 1 caselet based sitting arrangement(5-6 q's)

--> 5 q's based on Blood Relation(if A+B stands for A is father of B , A-B stands for Ais bro of B......... then what is A-B*c so on )

--> 5 q's based on critical resoning(like all banana's are mango, some mangoes are chilli then conclude...)

--> 4-5 q's based on series. In this you have to find out odd one in he series.

--> Some on coding decoding

--> Some were slightly different. These were like -- 5 different nos were given and said that 1 is added to the first digit of all numbers and 1 is subtracted from the middle digit. then Find out the second largest n so on.

--> Some were Data Sufficiency

Suggestion: For seies go through Mitra's Book Quicker maths.

Section 3 : Arithmetic

In this topic on which Q's were based, is as -

1. Probab -- 5 q's, in this q like--- there are different balls in a bag as3-green, 5-blue, 7-red. 6-black then find out the probab of getting 2 red balls, gtting at least 1 gren ball while picking up 3 balls n so on.

2. Series Comletion- 5 q

3. Simplification-10-12 q, as (1) if 12.48 / ? / 56.4 = 12.3 then find ? and so on

4. Compound Interest -1q (Direct Formula)

5. Trains speed-1q as, A train crosses a platform of length double of its length, in 30 sec. Find speed of train.(Ans- can not determined)

6. Data Interpretation- 15 q, 2tables and 1 pie chart, vey easy just calculation basis.

Do as much as possible Bank po sets, there is nothing bt all depends on UR CALCULATION SPEED.

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