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Thursday, May 29, 2008

PCS(Patni ) Placement Papers


Hi all this is Maruthi Rao an Engineering Graduate in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE) I attaned PCS (Patni computer Systems Ltd) on 28th Dec. On 24th Dec I got a mail from 1 of the PCS HR that they want people for Software Testing, stating that she saw my resume in she asked my response on that.As soon as I saw the mail I mailed my resume with my willingness.

On 26th Dec(I saw it on 27th afternoon)

I got the mail from the same HR, that on 28th Dec I need to attend for Aptitude test->Group discussion.

Time of Reporting: 10.00am

My Venue was Patni Knowledge Pank, Airoli, Navi Mumbai.

They asked me to come with the Resume, photo and Printout of the mail.

Next day I reached on time took ID card from Security

By 10.00 all occupied there respective places.

10.15 Our Xam Started.

Now coming to the Pattern of the exam: It was a 1hr 10min (70 min) test with 60 questions.(Objective type)

The paper was divided in 3 parts.

a) English (15 ques)
b) Analytical ability (15ques)
c) Quantitative ability (30ques)

There was a sectional Cut off with negative (they told while distributing papers)

English, it was the simplest n silliest Que paper tat I have ever seen.....simple questions like fill in the blanks (a, an, the).few other were ……sentence was given n 1 word in the sentence marked we need to find out the synonyms/antonyms.

These all were of about 8 marks, after that i had a passage for remaining marks.

The passage was on open source related (to software) n was quite easy 1 to do.

For Analytical n quantitative part I suggest u to go through R.S Aggarwal Quantitative, Verbal and Non verbal books.

The topics on which they focused were….

Ratio n proportion,


Profit & Loss,

Direction problem,

SI, CI, Chain Rule,

Blood Relation,

Data Sufficiency,

U need to b fast & correct if u want to clear the cutoff

At 11.25am they took the papers n asked us to wait for the result.

After ½ hr they announced the result. 22 were short listed for next session i.e. GD

They had arranged snacks for us, they asked us (4 all) to have it n asked the selected students to come back for GD.

Coming to GD,

We 22 members were divided into group of 2…11 members in each group.

My name was in 1st group.

They provided a paper for rough work (to note down the pts...etc…)

My GD topic was Advertisements r more about glitters not reality.

They provided 2 min for rough work (to think on that topic…)

After that GD started we had a nice discussion (Me contributed some healthy points)...After that HR (two ladies) asked each 1 of us to give conclusion.

If unfortunately u r not able to speak in GD, I advise make use of these kind of golden opportunities and try to put a healthy conclusion (don’t wait for it u may not get a chance for conclusion so try to speak in GD itself…many time the persons who conclude in good manner gets selected)

After GD was over, HR asked us to write our conclusion in that paper, with some pts about PCS & left the room after 5 min they came with the names...

Out of 11 members she announced 7 names including mine….

After that she gave us a form n asked us to bring it on day of Interview (said it will b on 3rd Jan)

On 2nd Jan evening I got a call for Interview,

Venue, reporting time was the same, I reached by 9.15am

Interview started at 9.40am….there were about 5-6 panels…..

At around 10.20 I was called for interview……


My Interview was taken by a Lady HR, she was very cool…..

As I knocked the door n asked for permission...

HR: with a smile get in Maruthi..right Take Ur place.

Me:s….thanked with a smile.

HR: How r u? U can call me abcabc….. (Had an introdution).

Me: I m fine.abcabc & Thanked (with a smile)

HR: how did u come here ?

ME: by Patni Bus (they have arranged for us)

HR: can we start with small introduction of u, Ur ’s family, Ur education background, and one project that u have motioned in ur resume.

ME: sure (with a smile) Started in a full flow…after some time when i was explaining my project I was not able to make out the correct sense of my project (as it can’t be explained without any Sketch work) so, I asked her a paper for it…she gave me a paper n I again stated in a full flow….after some time she was satisfied with my explanation

HR: why did u go for this project?

ME: blablabla……

Then some questions related to my project (I was prepared for it becoz in of campus they mainly concentrate on Project)

Then she started asking me questions from my resume(covered almost every pt that I motioned about me in my resume)…… She asked me about my long term goals n my efforts for it asked to explain with an example

Then she asked me about subject….

After some time I found her satisfied with my answers……as she started telling me about the company the work I need to do (as I already said they called us for testing field) was telling me how a person should b in testing field… (This was the time I found myself in safe place n was sure to find my name in the final list).

HR: ok u wait out side the Other HR person will let u know the result.

ME:ok madam.

HR: Thanq Maruthi. (With a big smile)

ME: Thanq madam (With a big smile)

Walked out happily.

After few min 1 HR person came to me. Saying u r Maruthi Right…..


HE said Congrats u r now in patni computers…me thanked him with a smile...

Then he told me they will send offer letter in a week……..

So I advice….always be with projects/Paper Presentations that u have….be ready for any type of question from ur resume….so plz take care while preparing ur resume.

Hoping it will help u to get an idea of Selection procedure …

Wishing u ALL THE BEST

Paper-2 of Patni

The selection procedure consists of 3 stages:
First corporate presentation
Followed by

1. Aptitude

2. GD

3. Tech+HR

1)15 questions Verbal
2)15 questions Analytical Reasoning.
3) 30 questions Quantitative Aptitude.

Time 1hr 10min

Total questions =60



B.E / B.TECH ----3LACS (2007 batch) as per slide presentation


It is damn easy guys if u are fluent in English then no preparation needed .Else see this article prepositions etc .Then Reading comprehension this is the very time consuming read the whole paragraph when u try to ans the q’s I am sure ans is not in the passage but it is a general don’t waste time there

Analaytical reasoning:

Please work out


blood relations

seating arrangement etc

please read RS agarwal verbal and non verbal reasoning

Quantitative Aptitude.

The majority is from

Profit and loss


Alligation mixtures

Ratio and proportion

If you learn this surely u can crack the test

Hopefully there is some sectional cut off I think so attempt in all areas

Do not concentrate on one part alone

Have eye on ur watch time will run like anything


They conducted first round around 11 o clock and gave one hour ten minutes

After that they asked to finish lunch and come

Man never miss St joseph food especially Non veg had a great lunch

Forgetting the campus tension and around 2 30 the results were announced

From first round they shortlisted 210


7 batches 10 per batch

Similarly two more groups were there

Gd topics

Orkut should be banned or not

China a threat to India

India in 2020

My topic was India on 2020

In my topic all were shouting but our HR mam was so nice she gave opportunity for all

My first point itself was wrong I was deviating away from the topic

Tht mam said frankly and ask to talk abt the topic so I never left my confidence and spoke and finally they asked to summarize the topic each of us and finally asked everyone to write abt patni luckily a day before I have prepared the company profile

Else no problem listen to the slide what they shw its more than enough

Finaaly from our team 5 got shortlisted and I am one of them

But there was also a case in which 9 people got selected out of 10 .so don’t think they will filter do ur job rest will happen automatically

We waited for one and half hour they gave one application form and asked to fill details

I was very happy as though I got the job but any way waiting for the HR round finally HR called .also my HR is so nice he is very quite and asked

Tell abt urself

Ur project

Then asked to say a fav subject

I choosed oops

He then asked

Virtual function



Constructor destructor

Software engg also he asked (waterfall life cycle model)

Then DBMS wat is normalization did not answered

Then finally asked what is current trend going in IT industry (I do know but I blabbered he found that I do know so he stopped)

And said the results will be published at the end of the day so wait he said

After 2 hours at 8 30 the results were published and I am one among them

I am patni ite . I got many new friends there we shared many fruitful issues even if didn’t get selected don’t get vexed u will get good friends new prespective of ideas .

Guys also be prepared for technical also I thought they will conduct only one round but patni is fast they conducted every round within a single day and announced the result within same day. So prepare for all rounds

Guys this is my 58 th interview and finaaly I have won the battle. I have consequently failed for 57 times but never let my always prepare urself for the next interview never let ur confidence my best wishes to meet u in patni

Keep this in mind

Success should not go to ur head

Failure should not go to your heart

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