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Thursday, February 21, 2008

HR interview Questions

HR Interview Questions

Mostly there are two rounds of interviews when you clear written test of a company, technical and hr. For some of the companies, hr is just a formality while for others a lot depends on it. Here I am listing most commonly asked HR interview questions.

1. Introduce yourself:

Do net tell them”Sir, My name is this and this, they already know it”. They already know your name. Start from your academic background, from where you passed your 10th and 10+2 and how many marks you got in them. Tell them your present GPA. Then proceed to family background. Tell them about your father, mother, and siblings. Then tell your accomplishments, if any. Tell about your hobbies finally.

2. What are your strengths and weaknesses?



Best reply to question about strengths is

Hardworking, punctual, team spirit, having leadership qualities etc.

Then there next question will be that everyone says. How do you prove you actually have strengths?

Try to give them examples of your strengths e.g. about any project you worked on in any team and obtained very well results etc.


This is the most important part where interviewer can trap you.

Bad answers to question about weakness are:

  1. I do not about my any weakness
  2. I do not want to disclose any of my weakness.

Please do not do that.

Also avoid telling any negative weakness even if you have it. Just tell your weakness in such a way that it sounds positive e.g. sir, my weakness is that I trust people very easily. That’s why I am being deceived by people a number of times etc.

  1. What interests you?

Ans: This is the most dangerous question asked in HR interview. You would try to match your interest with that of organization’s work. But they would ask you why this and that and try to cross check you by asking you about different situations but stick to your answer.

4. What are your future plans?

Ans: Do not tell them that you are going for higher studies in your next 1-2 years. Just assure them that you will remain in their company for at least 2-3 years. They are in search of long race horses.

5. Any Questions?

Ans :

Do not simply say ‘No questions, Sir’. This make them feel that perhaps you are not interested in there organization.

You should not ask questions regarding “what will be my salary?”, “what will be in hand package? “ etc.

But ask questions like:

What will be the growth opportunities in your organization?

What are different levels of hierarchy to which I can be promoted in future?

What should I learn more before joining your organization?

General advice:

Do read your resume carefully before going to interview. Especially take care when writing about hobbies e.g. if you write your hobby is newspaper reading then you should have knowledge of the current events, who is the editor of particular newspaper which you read etc.

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