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Thursday, February 21, 2008


PEP 2008 is the Nationwide Campus Talent Search program launched by Campus Connect aimed to provide a national benchmark of final and pre final year campus talent in India. They provide placements to final year students and internships to pre final year students. It gives placements in very good companies having very high packages. So one must at least sincerely prepare for it. Rest is as God wishes.

It is open for all branches of B.E., M.E. and MCA.

Written test for pep:

Mock tests for the PEP are available on website of pep itself also. Even then in order to clarify some doubts I am writing the paper pattern.

There are two sections in the Pep examination.

Aptitude is compulsory for everyone.(50 questions,60 minutes)

In subject test there are 40 questions and 60 minutes.

Subject tests are as following:

For circuit branches (EC, EE, EI) there will be electronics test.

For CS, MCA and M.E. there will be computer science test.

And for rest of the branches test will be Programming aptitude

Aptitude Section:

There will be 50 questions on:

1) Drawing conclusion from the two statements.

2) Venn diagrams

3) Statements and arguments

4) General puzzles as given in RS Aggarwal verbal and Non verbal reasoning.

5) Comprehension would be given and you would be asked to draw conclusion from it- 3 to 4 questions from it.

6) General question on reading comprehension.

7) Questions on ratios of numbers.

8) 2-3 questions on mixtures

9) Sitting arrangement questions

10) Time and work

11) Tough missing number problem etc.

Subject test:

Programming aptitude consisted of

1) Some programs

2) Data Interpretation questions

I appeared for electronics one

It consisted of:-

1) It consisted of 10-12 C, C++ questions. Programs were given and output was asked(Newly introduced for those guys which are from circuit branches but want to go to software industries).

-questions on sorting

-questions on B+ tree(data structures)

-question on parent and child node.

2) OPAMP questions

3) Question on fft

4) Question on period of signal (signal and system)

5) Question on flip flops (what is diff b/w SR and JK flip flop?).

6) BCD to Binary conversion

7) One RC circuit was given and dv/dt was asked.

8) One question was like value of voltage across R and X was given and it was asked that what can be voltage across X?

9) Question on 555 timer

So you should prepare digital electronics, Opamps and C well to score well.

Books Recommended:

1) R C Tocci, Principles of digital electronics.

2) Test your C skills by yashwant Kanetkar

3) Test your C++ skills by yashwant Kanetkar

4) Sanjay Sharma-Signals and Systems.

5)John G Proakis For Digital signal Processing.

Best of Luck to all……………………………………..

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