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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Vaastushastra and study?

Indian Vastu shastra is an age-old traditional practice that is followed to bring health, wealth and prosperity in the life of mankind. It is a science of directions. Vastu study acquires a complete command over the knowledge of directions. There are basically eight directions namely north, northeast, east, east south, south, southwest, west, and west north.

As per Vaasthu shashtra rules, the point at which two different directions meet, it is more powerful, as it combines the forces coming from two distinctive directions. These directions form the major basis of Vastu.

Vastu shashtra is the scientific study of directions that takes into consideration the five natural elements of the world, namely air, water, fire, sun and sky. It aims at harnessing the positive energy from them and using them for the benefit of humans, like it uses the heat and light of sun, magnetic effects of our mother earth, direction of winds etc to pave way for good health, wealth and prosperity to step in.

Vastu acts as the balancing force between man and nature. It gives advice for almost everything right from when to choose a plot, how to choose a plot to the interiors etc. This study of Vaasthu owes its origin in India and follows Indian culture, traditions and climatic conditions. So, consult a Vastu expert and open the way for happiness to enter your life.

Now is vastu related to your study also?

Many people believe that if we have a study room or study table in north-east corner of our home,then we can concentrate on our work in a better way rather than if we have same in south-west corner.

Well above fact has scientific evidence also because the sunlight and cool air are found in these regions of home. So you will not feel laziness if you study in north-east part of your room by following vaastushastra.

We have to pay attention
towards following points when we consider about interior arrangement study room in house.

  • Appropriate Location of study room
  • Direction of door
  • direction of windows
  • Placement & direction of study table
  • Direction to face at the time of study
  • Placement of shelf
  • Direction of god's picture in study room

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